Harlem – $13M

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.48.06 PM.png

Approx. Annual Income $724,224.00
New Construction with 25 Years 421A 

22 Units Vacant, 6 Story Elevator, New Construction, 25 Years 421A is in place.

1 x Studio

13 x 1 Bedroom

6 x 2 Bedrooms

2 x 3 Bedrooms

Apartment on Upper Levels have balconies

Waiting on C of O

Please Contact :

Polly Cheung +1 917-340-0731

Shirley Luk +1 917-969-2080








Author: 張媽媽

我是一個三小孩子的媽媽, 住在紐約。希望把我看到的生活的想法記錄下來。

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